Donated and Discounted Sessions:

Foster Newborns, Birthdays, Senior Sessions, and Adoptions

For Bereavement Photography Please Contact me.

I have been offering donated and discounted sessions for the above children and situations since 2016. If you or someone you know qualifies, please contact me, or share this link with them. Foster/Ward of State/ Early Emancipated Teens All Foster Children MUST be accompanied by their Legal Guardian (Foster Placement, Relative and/or Non-Relative Placement), Include their placement paperwork, and provide contact info with the case manager so images can be saved in their file as well. Families have traveled as far as Wellington and Ocala to have their foster children's photographs taken. Still Births and Early Infant Deaths- I can offer Hospital or walk parents through cell phone photography via Zoom and offering post processing/editing on their images. I understand that this is a heavily emotional time.

Funerals-I do offer Professional Funeral Photography in South Florida.

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