Saturday June 2021,

I got to photograph a 20 mile ruck march to help raise awareness for Veteran PTSD and Veteran Suicide Awareness. There were people of all ages participating from the ruckers, to the organizers, safety vehicles, food provisions and much more.

I followed the group from Port St Lucie Starting at the Port St. Lucie City Hall, all the way to Dyer Chevrolet who had an amazing table of snacks and drinks ready for all the participants. Then The Group headed to Veterans Memorial Park Ft. Pierce, where they were met by FIT FIXENS and some yummy healthy lunch. Afterwards, over the causeway bridge to Hutchinson Island, and back across. IN THE RAIN.

Once back over the bridge the Vero Beach Do You Give A Ruck Crew joined forces, with the Vietnam Vets Motorcycle Group, and made their way to Old Ft. Pierce Town Hall.

It was an amazing turn out full of honking horns in support, people stopping and getting out of their cars to walk along side the crew to ask their purpose and mission.

I look forward to next year.

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Available for single image download to participants.

Following is the post from DYGAR

“This afternoon I would like to thank the following on behalf of the #DoYouGiveARuck? organization:

Lee Rech and the Treasure Coast Jeep Club for providing security and support along the trip. Thank you for always showing up for your Veteran brother's and sister's.

To Norair Photography for always going above and beyond for our organization and the Veteran community for telling our story through photography.

To K2 Photography & Marketing-Mitch & Linda Kloorfain and Crystal Speirs Photography Studio LLC for coming out to support Saint Lucie County Veteran's and telling our story through your lenses as well.

Dyer Chevrolet Ft. Pierce for welcoming our ruckers at your location and providing much needed hydration for our ruckers in Saint Lucie County.

Fit Fixins for providing our ruckers nutritious meals for their lunches to give them the calories they needed to finish out this mission.

Nicole O'Neill and Tess Drieu for being our back bone and supply vehicle along the way. Motivating our ruckers and keeping them healthy along the way. You both were the key essential personnel to this mission and we couldn't have done it without you guys.

Treasure Coast Nam Knights MC and Men At Arms LEMC for coming out to escort us on our last leg of this ruck and making it extra special for our organization.

Hop Life Brewing Company for supporting us and the Veteran community and allowing us to honor our brother's and sister's at your location.

For all the people who showed up to support and ruck these 20 miles with us. Thank you. You achieved something that even some active duty military members would not have been able to accomplish. You rucked over 20 miles in less than 8 hours and we covered a spanse of over 40 miles to bring awareness to Veteran PTSD and Veteran Suicide Awareness. Congratulations and we hope to see you all again next year.

Kona Ice of White City for supporting this mission and helping donate 100 combat patches to this mission to make this event even more special for our participants.

Thank you to all the Veteran Leaders within Saint Lucie and Indian River County for making sure this mission succeeded.

Farrah Lemanski for your generous donation of tumblers to this event for anyone who completed the full 20 miles for this event. Thank you for caring about the Veteran community and always supporting #DYGAR?.

Thank you for supporting us, following us on social media, and truly caring about local Veterans.


Founder Of Doyougivearuck

Jimmy Lee Jackson