Your Newborn Session

This is such an important time in your family’s life.

Capture these memories of your little newborn baby.

Most newborn sessions are done around 10-16 days old.

However, I have the training and expertise to work with babies for newborn-style portraits up to 9 weeks

adjusted age. After that, we do Milestone Sessions simply because the time involved in a full newborn session is often overstimulating and stressful on older babies.

While at no time do I guarantee a certain pose. We will go through my entire workflow and ultimately work with how your sweet baby is, awake, asleep, etc., and capture amazing, beautiful memories I promise you will LOVE! 

I would describe the sessions I offer as a Hybrid a mix of posed and candid incorporating ideas, props, colors, themes, as well as the emotion and delicacy of your sweet baby.

What Type of Newborn Sessions Are Offered?

-Wait- There are different types!!?

The simple answer is yes. Typically the terms used are Studio Style and Lifestyle

I like to add a little twist and just designate the location as the style

Hello Baby - Fresh 48

These sessions are so precious! Provided at the location of birth, prior to discharge. I travel to hospitals, birthing centers, and home births.

The goal of these sessions is to capture real, raw, unedited moments of those early hours with your baby.

During these sessions, we also put together a little documentary film for you to share with friends and family.

(please note, you will still want to ensure your birth location allows guests)


Oh, the studio!

At the studio, you get Traditional newborn sessions with a twist!

Hybrid sessions!

Here you get the best of both realms in Newborn photography.

Studio style with props, outfits, and wraps for all genders. You can choose from neutral tones to all the colors of the rainbow.

With our bedroom setup, we have the ability to capture those sweet, candid style moments with your new baby. This setup is also amazing for toddler-age siblings as it allows them to be more interactive! It is all white and greenery, with such a cozy feel.


I have come to fall in love with traveling to families' homes, once I put my own twist on the lifestyle approach.

This is an amazing option if you have perfected the nursery, and your home is picturesque!

During this session, we capture the intimate connection with your little one in the comfort of your home. Creating memories of your family in the home you spent long hours building and making it "yours."

When I come to your home

o bring what makes it "you" out in your photos.

You and Your Baby's Safety and Comfort Are a Priority

I want to put your mind at ease. I know personally it is not easy placing trust in someone with your precious newborn. My promise to you is that safety and comfort will always be the priority for our entire team at the studio. Whether we are in the studio or working at your home.

I have been in business specifically as a Newborn Photographer Full Time since early 2016.

Annually I invest in education from internationally established and recognized leaders in the newborn industry covering topics on safety, posing, and staying up to date with the latest trends, equipment, and products to ensure the BEST AND SAFEST experience.

The Accredited Professional Newborn Photographer International, Ana Brandt, Paloma Schell, Hello Little Education, Annual Belly Baby Summit, Annual Milky Way Newborn and Maternity Retreat, are just a few of my education avenues and background.

Along with that I now mentor and teach others to ensure up-and-coming photographers understand the safety and concepts behind creating amazing newborn memories.