Your Newborn Session

This is such an important time in your family’s life. Capture these memories of your little newborn baby. Most newborn sessions are done around 10-16 days old. However, I have the training and expertise to work with babies for newborn style portraits up to 6 weeks adjusted age. After that we do Milestone Sessions. While at no time do I guarantee a certain pose. We will go thru my entire workflow and ultimately work with how your sweet baby is, awake, asleep etc., and capture amazing, beautiful memories I promise you will LOVE! 

All “Studio Style” newborn sessions are done in studio simply for the comfort of the family, and the availability of gear and equipment necessary to do a full studio session. I would describe the session of a mix of posed and lifestyle shots incorporating ideas, props, colors, themes, as well as the emotion and delicacy of your sweet baby. Capturing the details and the connection with your baby. I have been photographing newborns since 2016. I also, annually invest in education from internationally established and recognized leaders in the newborn industry covering topics on safety, posing and staying up to date with the latest trends, equipment, and products to ensure the BEST AND SAFEST experience.

When should I schedule?

I love to Pre-Book families months before their due date. I only take on a set number each month to ensure the BEST experience for each family. HOWEVER, because babies come when they want, I often have flexibility week to week to work in last minute babies.

Who Can Be Included in the Session?

Parents, Siblings, Grandparents.


This is not a problem at all.

You and your baby’s safety and health is always number one. When you return home from the NICU give me a call. Even for older babies we will still get beautiful photos and cater to the needs of the baby.

What About Medical Devices?

Do not worry!! Alternative posing and wrapping techniques are used for little ones with medical devices and or mobility restrictions. We will make it beautiful and creative!

Will You Do Sessions in My Home?

I offer in home Lifestyle newborn sessions only; these are typically done in pre-staged rooms. The nursery is a perfect way to highlight the hard work you have put in while preparing for your sweet little’s appearance.

Please keep in mind that these are candid, emotion, interaction driven moments that we capture. These are not posed like the Studio Environment offers, 


Don’t worry mom brain, after thoughts come to us and we realize OH MY GOSH. Give me a call and We will see what openings are available.

What Should I Do To Prep

Nothing really! I am in constant communication with you to ensure details are taken care of before the session. The day before the session I will send you a prep text with some tips to help you and your baby have a successful session. Leave the rest to me. No stress!

Do You Have All The Props?

Yes! I have everything you see on my website and loads more. My studio has a huge, ginormous collection of high end, handmade headbands, bonnets, outfits, rompers and wraps to name a few. I am constantly updating and purchasing new goodies, only the very best for your child. Your baby's session will be fully styled based on your color preferences. All you have to do is bring me the baby!

Do You Charge More For Multiples?

No, However I will have an trained assistant 100% of the time when working with multiple babies. 

“Hello Baby”

DUE TO COVID>> All Hello Baby Sessions are temporarily on hold until medical facilities allow additional guests.

This is a great alternative for Parents who want beautiful early moments after childbirth but perhaps a “Birth Story” is not quite what you are looking for.

“Hello Baby” takes place within the first 12-24hrs post birth.

This is perfect for capturing sibling’s 1st meeting, tiny details, nursing, bath, tests and much more.

It is best to have this session arranged for PRIOR to you having the baby. The last thing you want to worry about is coordinating, payment, and details when you are in labor or right after you have a baby.

This is a great way for you and your family to enjoy these early moments together and a few First without having to worry about cellphones and breaking to take photos, or not be in the images yourself.

When do I call you?

Have my number programed in your phone and in your Significant Others phone. Call, I cannot stress CALL me as soon as you have the baby, or text. I will be in touch ASAP to coordinate your first 12 hrs. session.

Me hard at work with the little ones.