Crystal Speirs Photography LLC

Fort Pierce, Port St. Lucie, Treasure Coast Newborn Photographer

Community Involvement —

Treasure Coast Professional Photographers Association ~Secretary
 Treasure Coast Photography Center Inc~Secretary

Member of The Port St. Lucie Business Women Group

St. Lucie West Neighbors Magazine~Main Photographer for Families, Charity, and Business



My name is Crystal. I am a MOMMY of 2 amazing boys, WIFE to a great man, and your local Photographer. I moved to St. Lucie County in 2015! Love the heat, the random rain and most of all NO MORE SNOW.

 Serving as a Birth Photographer, Newborn Photographer and Childhood Family Photographer in Fort Pierce, Fl. Port St. Lucie Fl, and the surrounding Treasure Coast.

I love being a part of the local photographic community and take part in many aspects of the photography world. I can provide all types of amazing portraits for ALL ages and Family Sizes and help recover and restore precious printed memories from the past.



I like to consider that HERE the specialty is the journey into and thru childhood. I like to refer to it as “The Four B’s” Belly, Birth, Baby and Beyond.

I truly believe that Life in all aspects should be celebrated.


So, I ask you, are you Expecting a baby to come into your life, does it matter how? Honestly, it  MATTERS!!! All ways should be documented, celebrated, and recorded for future memories, WHY? Because time passes WAY to fast. Surrogacy, Adoption, Pregnancy, Home Birth, Hospital Birth, Vaginal Birth, Cesarean. First baby, fourth, rainbow baby, ALL BABIES

ALL ARE SO IMPORTANT. Why? Because the that sweet, precious bundle of baby is….Where it is at.

Baby Almost or Already HERE??? How about we capture some super adorable, make your heart melt with happiness over the fact that that little has you wrapped around their little fingers!


Maybe time to capture a MILESTONE? Maybe you JUST weren’t feeling up to leaving your house that first month, or a hospital stay was longer than intended. I PROMISE its NEVER to late to start capturing some beautiful memories or document their growth.

Get some beautiful photos that stem beyond MOMMY AND ME Selfies. Because lets be real how often are other people snapping the photos for us? PS. TOTALLY GUILTY OF THE CONSTANT MOMMY and KIDDO SELFIES.  PS>>>> you don’t have to wait until Mother’s day to treat yourself to Hair and Makeup and some beautiful photos with you and your little.

IS it BIRTHDAY TIME!!!? Seriously any age!! So far I have 1 thru 100 covered!



LAST BUT NOT LEAST OF THE BEYOND. Lets get a stress free Photo of your family! That one that stays on the wall ALL YEAR LONG.   

Below are some of the fun photos bellow that parents have taken while I work with their babies (doesn’t matter the age).

As your photographer I promise to:

Always maintain safety first! Deliver the highest of quality and experience to your family. Maintain my education (which includes but is not limited to annual workshops and online classes with US and International Leaders in the newborn industry), maintain latest trends, and highest health expectations. Maintain my license for business here in Florida State.

 I Promise you will LOVE the work created for you and your family.


Check out some examples of my work by going to the different links HERE




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